Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Rise and Shine Merit Badge

This morning sucked. I really dislike daylight savings and the clock turning that it involves. Ugh. And, for whatever reason, Mimsey woke up super early this morning. So, at least it was an hour "later" than it would have been yesterday, but still, it was too early to me. Neither Jake or I wanted to get up, but he worked late last night, and I didn't, so I gave him a break, and got up with the kid. On my way downstairs, he hollered at me that I was earning a Rise and Shine Merit Badge. It made me laugh, and I didn't mind getting up so much. I ended up making morning smoothies for Mims, Mema and me. (Watermelon and Banana - yum!)

It occured to me later, that a Merit Badge would be an excellent motivator to get your friends to help you move, or to get up early to stand in line for concert tickets (ooh, does that show my age? That's all done online now, isn't it? :blushing in embarrassment:). I do think that it would be so much fun to tuck into a card, or to attach to a gift, as a fun way to show your appreciation for a job above and beyond.

If you would like to earn this badge:
Get up early and do something nice for someone else. Write me a comment to tell me what you did. Make your badge!
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