Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Evil Cookies!

Savor the Thyme and Tangled Noodle are running this awesome contest/roundup  called Eating Your Words, and is a challenge to create words written in food and/or drink...  I just couldn't waste an opportunity to play with cookie dough, so this is my entry into their roundup...

Behold, the Evil Cookies!!!

They are evil because they are so tasty. 

Mimsey and I made them this morning (she watched, ate raw dough, and poked her fingers in the completed letters, and I tried really hard not to nick her with the knife when she reached in front of me... Argh!!!!!), and I frosted them with leftover frosting from her birthday cake.  The elephant just showed up this morning, Mimsey found it in the back of a closet I think, and it was too cute to not include...  

If you would like to enter your own creation, you can find out more here!

1 comment:

  1. So funny and yet sweet and evil? hum....I want to be naughty and eat them all. Thanks for entering! We will do the round up Monday.