Friday, March 6, 2009

Bringing an Idea to Fruition Merit Badge

Here is my first Crafty Merit Badge! It's about an inch or so across (I used the top of a vitamin bottle for the circle) and I love the homemade-ey-ness of it. This is my badge for Bringing an Idea to Fruition. I earned this badge by actually finishing my badge, and posting about it. I plan to make a cover for my laptop, and sew my badges on to it.

If you want to earn your own badge:

Think of something that you loved from your past, and create a version that will support the person that you are now!
Leave me a comment about it, and maybe a picture of your project (if appropriate), or a link to your blog about your project.
I will post a very small tutorial about how to make my badge this weekend, so you can make your own when you've earned it!!

I think I'm also going to start a flickr pool for merit badges so that we can all see your awesome completed badge!
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