Friday, March 27, 2009

Miracle on Buaro Street?

Hey guess what?  My computer came back to life today.  I don't know how, but I am not going to question it.  I will look at it as a gift from the universe, and just be happy.  

Okay, so I have slipped up with my eating.  When my computer died, I quite effectively lost my internet support, and I had a crisis involving fears of becoming a zealot and being too preachy.  So, I lost my way.  But, I am striving to get back into the swing again, and plan out my eating instead of waiting until I'm too hungry to make good choices.  I know in my head that I was happy, but I am really struggling now.  I think I just need to talk it out, because the pro list is soooo long, and the con list is just a list of excuses to be lazy.  Eh.

I bug Jake all the time about watching his language around Mimsey.  He's more careful around her, but I was so annoyed when from the backseat yesterday she shouted "Oh crap!"  Now, this was mostly annoying because that is not a phrase that he uses.  It's one that I use.  Errrrgh.  So, I've got to watch what I say, and he gets to laugh at me.  Oh, who knew that it was so annoying to teach a kid to talk.  She's so cute, but she has a little lisp, so today she was trying to get out of a "time out" and was crying "Sawee Mama, sawee Mama."  Broke my heart.  
I hate time out.

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