Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Feeling Happy!

With the nonsense from the last post firmly in the past, I have been so happy lately! Thank you for all of your very kind comments. They made me feel much better!
I've been busy! I took some pictures of Mimsey for Father's day... Of course I had to make the costumes...

This is my little Garden Fairy. I totally dig the lavender and brown tutu, they look so great on Mimsey... The garden is another matter all together. Uh, please don't notice my functional, but not so pretty mess I've got growing out back... At least the basil is doing well.

And the little cherry dress pattern I got out of Heather Ross's Weekend Sewing book. What a delightful book!!! I had never worked with elastic thread before, but now I'm hooked. This is the 2nd little dress I've made for Mims, and I've got one in the works for 4th of July. She loves them because they're roomy and light and easy to play in. I dig them because everyone who knows how sewy crafty I am still is impressed when I tell them I made her dress... And it's soooo easy. Yay me!
Anyway, if you've got a spare hour (!) and a little one that would like a new summer dress, I totally recommend Weekend Sewing.
p.s. There's a little matching bloomers pattern in there as well. So cute!!

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