Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Crazy Weekend...

So, as you know, Jake works Tues-Sat. This gives us a delightful Monday of weekend every week, so while the rest of the world is hard at work we are still playing. This weekend was extra wonderful, since last week was sooooo long (extra work day and extra OSHA training hours, ugh!). Yippee! I got so much accomplished...

First: This is the patio behind our back door. It has been used for storage for as long as we have lived here. This weekend it was transformed into a play area for me and Mims...


It doesn't look much different now, but I spent hours pulling weeds from between the bricks. We found 3 potato bugs living out there, and a bag of raw compost from last year which almost made Jake throw up when he opened the bucket! Ahahahaha!!! (I shouldn't get so much glee from that!)


(Mims and my Grandma are enjoying the warm afternoon!)

Notice the tutus hanging for easy access, the fancy leopard print chair (another project this weekend!) and yup, my birthday banner. It will become a more inviting space as I get the couches from the storage unit, put in a place for us to draw and paint and glitter to our hearts content, and plant some flowers. But Mims decorated with sidewalk chalk so the bricks are very fancy now.

Mims really liked sitting in her comfy chair on the patio today! She picked roses and I made them into a crown for her. Aww! Isn't she beautiful? Where did my tiny baby go???!

Okay, so the other thing I got done this weekend was so cool I can hardly stand it. I made matching Mimsey and Mommy ladybug backpacks from a pattern by Sew Spoiled. They are ridiculously cute, and not one person who saw them asked if I had made them. (This is HUGE for me, as everyone knows how crafty-do-it-myselfy I am. Hell, even when I buy stuff, I get asked if I made it. Jake says I should take it as a compliment, but it's vaguely insulting in my mind... ) Anyway, the first pic is my bag, and the second Jake took when we went to lunch yesterday. I am thrilled with how they turned out.

Hey! If you're into that sort of thing I am totally rockin' my Bumpits in this picture! LOL!! Even Mommys need to feel pretty sometimes... ;D

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