Saturday, March 6, 2010

Been a long time gone...

I haven't felt in much of a blogging mood for the last 8? months, but our 3rd birthday "Mermaid" party needed to be discussed in a public forum... ;D

Mimsey Mermaid wore an adorable skirt that I whipped up from a tutorial I found here. So super easy and CUTE!!!

My sister-in-law is sporting some sea-shell pasties that I made her as part of her Christmas gift. Her outfit was the hit of the party, although I was pretty awesome in my blue and green jellyfish costume. And my Mom-in-law made the coolest mermaid posterboard costume ever. We had a good time.

Limeade + Sprite + blue food coloring = awesome mermaid punch!
Goldfish crackers + Goldfish pretzels + oyster crackers = yummy mermaid snack mix!

Thank you everyone who came to the party, braving a rain storm to get here! At least it didn't start hailing until afterwards!
xoxoxoxo Jaime

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