Sunday, May 31, 2009

Fancy Mimsey?

We are obsessed with Fancy Nancy around here. Yes, truely we, as I love her as much (or maybe more?) than Mimsey does! We have been fancying everything around here, Mimsey's special pink sippy cup/sport bottle thingie, dressing her up so that she is fancy when we read, making fancy new backpacks... We are very, very posh (a fancy word for fancy). So, I was reading Mims "Fancy Nancy: Explorer Extrordinare" and in the book Nancy and Bree have an outdoor bedsheet playhouse that is so adorable that I squeeked when I saw it.

Obviously, Mimsey cannot live another day without one.

So I dragged my mom out to several thrift stores today looking for "just right" fancy sheets for the new playhouse. To my delight, Mimsey found a stuffed rocking armchair that she thought she should have so that Grandma could read her stories. It's a little grubby, but a nice leopard print sheet will cover up any apple juice stains from the past, and add some ribbon, and that's a pretty awesome reading chair.

Of course Mims is still obsessed with mermaids. She takes mermaid bubble baths every night, and serves the finest bubble tea in all the world (all the mermaids agree). And if you ask her, mermaids have hair that smells like coconuts. Really. Ask her. :D She is so awesome, that tiny girl of mine. Anyway, my point was that now the playhouse is not enough, because it will not be addressing her love of mermaids, but I do have an outdoor popup canopy that would be perfect to put a wading pool under and decorating to create a Mermaid Lagoon. Yes, I'm that Mommy. LOL!!!

So yippee for an awesome day, and with the next two days off, Jake gets to help me begin to put it together. I will take pictures so you can see the progress along the way. Uh, it's going to need a lot of progress....

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