Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Creative Park

Thank goodness Valentine's Day is over.  I almost finished Jake's present, which I will show you when I do actually finish, but he seemed to like the idea of what it was going to be.  I am so lucky to have married someone who appreciates the time and effort that goes into creating a homemade gift.  I got a packet of Reeses Peanut Butter Cups and a Craft! magazine.  Which was exactly what I wanted, but I was so annoyed to find that they had published birthday flags in the magazine.  Ugh, so similar, down to the cupcakes on the front.  Jake assures me that mine kick the other flag's booty.  Mine do hang nicer, and are way cuter.  So there.  

Okay, so back to what I was saying.  Now that I've got Valentine's Day out of the way, I can focus full time on Mimsey's birthday party!  Yay!!  Okay, not full time, but an hour at night at least...  So I was looking for something different, that I hadn't seen before, and I found this!  It is Creative Park, and it's the coolest site ever if you're looking for something fun and crafty to do.  The whole site is full of free (FREE!!!) paper toys, gift boxes, frames, scrapbook pages, cool little funky projects and all of it is free!!!  (Did I mention that it's cool and free?!)  I have yet to print anything out and try it, but it's on my list for tomorrow.  When I do, I will shoot some pictures and report back on how hard/easy the projects were.  I especially love the fun little picture frames, and the craft cards!  I am never buying another $5 birthday card again!!! 

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